Using a theme

Community-created themes can be downloaded from or you are free to create your own, it’s not that hard!

Installing a community theme

Simply download the theme folder and place it in the /themes folder within the root of your site. To activate it, set the value of the theme variable in the site’s config.json file to the name of the theme’s folder and rebuild the site. Alternatively, run the command aoife set theme THEME_NAME from the Terminal to have Aoife automatically set the theme variable for you.

Creating your own theme

It is very much encouraged that you create your own theme. Not only will this give you full creative control over how your site looks but it’s really quite straightforwards and requires only a small amount of confidence with HTML and CSS. You can find out more in the Creating a Theme section.

Modified: Dec 6, 2016 at 22:54:49

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