As discussed in the Content Organisation section, how you organise your content in your file system is mirrored in the final built site. With this in mind, Aoife uses the top level folders within the /content folder as the section.

The following example site has a static home page and two sections post and review:

  -              //
  - post
  --- First       //
  --- Second      //
  - review
  --- Die         //
  --- Star        //

Section lists

If a file titled is located within a top-level (section) folder then Aoife will render that at /section/index.html. If no file is present then Aoife will automatically generate an index page listing all content within that section. It will automatically paginate the index if there are more posts than specified in the postsPerPage variable in the site’s config.json file. For example if postsPerPage is 10 and there are 18 posts in our review section, Aoife will create a site structure as below:         // listing of first 10 reviews  // listing of reviews 11-18

For more information on how to style these automatically generated lists from a theme, including how to access information on the individual posts in the list, see the List Content section.

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