Installing Aoife

Aoife is written in Xojo, a general purpose compiled cross-platform object-orientated language. Aoife comprises a compiled binary (aoife or aoife.exe on Windows) and a support library. The 64-bit Windows build also includes a few required DLLs. I currently provide pre-built binaries for Windows (32/64-bit), macOS (64-bit), Linux (32/64-bit) and the Raspberry Pi (32-bit).

Installing Aoife

Installing Aoife is very simple. First, download the appropriate binary package from GitHub. Once downloaded, it can be run from anywhere, just make sure that you keep the executable (aoife or aoife.exe) and the support library in the same place. You don’t need to install it in a global location if you don’t want to. This is the easiest way if your using a shared web host or somewhere you don’t have administrative privileges.

For the best experience, I suggest copying the executable and library to a location in your PATH for easy use. That way you can run it from a Terminal or Command Prompt simply by typing aoife. On macOS /usr/local/bin is probably the best location.

Upgrading Aoife

Upgrading is as simple as downloading the latest version and overwriting the executable and support library.

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