Frontmatter is great. It not only allows some flexibility to how posts appear and when they are published but it allows provides you with the ability to add custom data to a post that can then be used by themes.

Aoife supports frontmatter in JSON format. Although optional, if you include frontmatter in your Markdown files, it must occur at the very top (front) of the file. Frontmatter is identified by flanking it with ;;;. Example:

"title": "My first post",
"date": "2016-12-09:10",


Variables can be accessed from within a theme template file simply by enclosing the variable name in double curly braces, like so: title. There are a few predefined variables that Aoife uses and will create for you if not specified in the frontmatter or if no frontmatter is defined.

Reserved variables


The publish date for the content. Should be in SQL date format. Valid examples include: 2016-12-06 10:40, 2016-12-06 and 2016-12-06 10:40:35. If not specified then Aoife will use the modification date of the file. If the publish date is in the future then the content will not be rendered.


The title for the content. If not specified in the frontmatter then Aoife will slugify the file name.

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