Content Organisation

Content in an Aoife site comprises Markdown text files with the extension .md. These files can have optional information at the very beginning called the frontmatter. Aoife respects the hierarchical file/folder organisation you provide for your content to simplify things.

Aoife expects your content to be arranged on disk in the same way you want it to appear in the final rendered website. Without any additional configuration on your part, the following source organisation will just work and provide a functioning website:

  - about
  ---            //
  - post
  --- First       //
  --- Second      //
  --- sub-section
  ------ Third    //
  - review
  --- Die         //

You can nest content at any level but the top level folders within the /content folder are special and are either sections or pages.


It makes sense that the way you store your files on disk is the way you want them displayed to the user in the final rendered website. As displayed above, the organisation of your source content will be mirrored in the URL of your site. Notice that the top level /about page URL was created using a directory named about with a single file inside. This is the organisation format you should use to create a single page. Creating a top-level folder containing Markdown files without an file creates a section rather than a page. The index.html for that section will be automatically created by Aoife.

Sometimes, you need more granular control over your content. In these cases, you can use the frontmatter at the beginning of each Markdown file to do just that.

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