Aoife requires the presence of a configuration file in the root of the site directory names config.json. Not only does this contain a number of mandatory values needed by Aoife to build your site but it can specify additional options and arbitrary data for your themes to use.

Below is the configuration file created by Aoife when you run the aoife create site command:

  "description":"My great website",

Omitting any of the values above will cause Aoife to use it’s defaults. A list of all values controlling site creation recognised by Aoife are listed below:

archives:                   false
# Whether or not build archive listings (set to true if active theme demands it)
baseURL:                    "/"
# Hostname (and path) to the root, e.g.
description:                "My great website"
# A description of the site. Used in some themes as a tagline
googleAnalytics:            ""
# Takes a google Tracking ID. If specified then it injects the required javascript to track your site
postsPerPage:               10
# The number of posts to show on listing pages
rss:                        true
# Whether or not to build an RSS feed at /rss.xml
supportCodeFences:          false
# Adds support for Markdown code fences
theme:                      ""
# Theme name to use (this must be set to a valid theme in the /themes folder)
title:                      "My Website"
# Site title

I addition to the values above, you are free to add any other valid JSON key/value and this will be accessible by all template files in the active theme. For instance, you may want to set details about the site author:

"author": "Garry Pettet"

This would then be accesible from a theme template file with the tag

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